May 9, 2007

JavaOne day 3

Today's program:
  • TS-2689: Effective Java™ Reloaded: This Time It's for Real
  • TS-8194 : Spring and Service Component Architecture as the Basis for Distributed Services Applications
  • TS-4249 : The Top 10 Ways to Botch Enterprise Java Technology-Based Application Scalability and Reliability
  • TS-2388 : Effective Concurrency for the Java Platform
  • TS-4588 : Advanced Enterprise Debugging Techniques
I'm not yet sure which BOF sessions I will attend. And there's that Jboss party tonight (sounds like a BAAAD idea). We'll see !

1 comment:

  1. How was the party? :D

    I hope you enjoy these busy days. See Ya