May 11, 2007

Takes two to Tango: Java Web Services and .NET Interoperability

Session ID: TS-4865
Session Title: Takes two to Tango: Java Web Services and .NET Interoperability
Session Abstract: This technical session provides an overview of Sun's Java web services technologies and how they enable interoperability with applications built on Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.0.
You learn about Java APIs for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) and how interoperability is baked into the Java platform. You also learn the rationale for Sun's strategy in delivering implementations of a selected set of WS-* technologies, such as WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-AtomicTransactions, and WS-Security, as part of Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT, a.k.a. "Project Tango").
The session demonstrates how a Web service deployed on GLASSFISH can be easily consumed by the .NET 3.0 environment on Windows Vista. It also shows a how a service hosted on .NET 3.0 can be easily consumed by use of the NetBeans IDE.
You also gain visibility into Sun's roadmap for this technology and receive detailed guidance on how to engage with the community development effort.
Track: Java EE
Duration: 60
Speaker(s): Arun Gupta, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Harold Carr, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Opinion: I must say I was quite convinced by the WSIT demo, which used an Excel/.NET client to invoke a JEE web service deployed in Glassfish. From the developer point of view, the complexity of adding reliable delivery, security, etc seems to be completely hidden by the Netbeans plug-in, so developing interoperable web services might not be a complete nightmare after all. The project is still very young, but I find it very promising.

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