May 11, 2007

High-Performance Java Technology in a Multicore World

Session ID: TS-2885
Session Title: High-Performance Java Technology in a Multicore World
Session Abstract: This presentation discusses the issues facing Java and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) technologies in a computing world quickly moving toward multiple-core CPU solutions. It reviews current and planned multicore technologies from Sun, Intel, AMD, and others and describes relevant JVM technology requirements and performance optimizations in detail. It also discusses changes, including example code, in Java technology-based applications to take advantage of multicore platforms. A short demonstration shows how to solve common performance and scalability bottlenecks through JVM software tuning.
Track: Java SE
Duration: 60
Speaker(s): David Dagastine, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Paul Hohensee, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Opinion: serious talk on JVM optimizations for current multi-CPU, multicore architectures. The main performance bottlenecks - memory allocation and GC - were presented, as well as a number of tuning options (the -XX flags, Large Pages, NUMA) which could be used to reduce their impact. It's interesting to see that so much work is still being done on speeding up the VM out of the box. Sun's website has more information tuning and GC.

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