May 7, 2007

JavaOne day 1

Today's program : Java University ! We first start with a keynote session with James Gosling (no introduction needed), we continue with a full-day session on SOA architectures with JEE5.

Java University Program - General Session
8:00 am - 8:30 am - Room 134
Speaker: Dr. Karie Willyerd
Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Special Guest: James Gosling
Vice President and Sun Fellow, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Using Java EE 5 and SOA to Architect and Design Robust Enterprise Applications
    Instructor Name:Joe Boulenouar and Ron Pinkerton
    Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced
    Course Length: Full-day course

    Course Description:
    This course provides the student with the knowledge needed to use Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (Java EE 5) best practices and patterns to design and architect robust enterprise applications that allow for rapid change and growth. Students will gain an understanding of Java EE technology patterns and how, in practice, they have proven to be invaluable during the design and implementation of enterprise applications, solving important and recurring design problems. Students will also gain an understanding of how Service-Oriented-Architectures (SOA), implemented in a wide range of technologies (including REST, RPC, RMI, DCOM, CORBA and Web Services), help businesses respond more quickly and cost-effectively to changing market conditions. Students will also learn best practices on how to prepare for the Java Enterprise Architecture certification.

    Course Approach:
    This course will focus on the usage of Java EE platform patterns from the architectural and design perspectives. Understanding Enterprise SOA is also covered. The instructor will use UML diagrams and code segments to present these patterns.

    The demos for this course feature the Project GlassFish Application Server, Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition, NetBeans Software IDE with the Visual Web Pack, Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite for the Enterprise Designer, Sun Java Studio Enterprise software, and Sun Java System Web Server.

    Morning Content:
      Fundamental Architectural Concepts
    • Justify the need for architecture when developing for Java EE platform application
    • Primary concerns of architecture
      System Architecture Development and Guidelines
    • Resolving risk factors in distributed enterprise systems
    • Guidelines for effective network communication
    • Guidelines for handling distributed transactions
      Quality-of-Service Requirements
    • Effects of dimensions on systemic qualities
    • Analyzing quality-of-service requirements
      Software Architecture
    • Decomposing the Java EE platform application into components
    • Deployment diagrams to represent the architecture and design model

    Afternoon Content:
      Using of the Java EE platform patterns
    • Describing Java EE platform patterns that assist in the presentation tier
    • Describing Java EE platform patterns that assist in the business tier
    • Describing Java EE platform patterns that assist in the integration tier
      Understanding Enterprise SOA
    • Using SOA for enterprise application integration
    • Describing how SOA improves B2B business processes
    • Service-Oriented Architecture and Design
    • Web Services design patterns

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