May 11, 2007

Killer Apps: Data Mining Demystified

Session ID: TS-1262
Session Title: Killer Apps: Data Mining Demystified
Session Abstract: Displaying relevant ads next to your emails; predicting the value of houses you want to buy; predicting future airline ticket costs so you can buy at the “right” time; recommending books or movies you might want to see, based on your past interests. These are a few of the “killer apps” that are possible due to data mining technology. Many of you may have seen or be users of advanced applications such as Gmail, Zillow, Farecast, Amazon, or Netflix. Data mining is a technology that can enable such applications.

Opinion: Interesting for 15 minutes, because indeed you do understand how Amazon and Gmail gather all there's to learn about you and your lifestyle, and then mine it to offer you targeted ads (I'm sure 3-letter agencies love that stuff too). Cool stuff, but also quite evil. After 15 minutes, this became all about writing obscure database code and my brain switched itself off.

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