Mar 15, 2013

Friday afternoon @ Criteo

Wow, finally a quiet Friday afternoon. *This* is how it feels, then :)

Time to enjoy one of the nice couches we just "borrowed" (ahem), while catching up on these Cisco Nexus videos and whitepapers I've been storing for 6 months. BTW, we've been working on a lot of cool network stuff in the last year or so. More on this later ;)

And yeah, I'm quite sure this picture will be abused to my detriment for years to come :D

Mar 13, 2013

RIP Clive Burr

Clive Burr, ex-Iron Maiden Drummer, died last night. He was 56.

RIP, Clive and thank you for that 1982 show (March 23, how could I ever forget?).