May 13, 2014

Aldebaran @ AWS Summit, Paris 2014

What a day! Talking about Aldebaran Robotics in front of 1200 people during Werner Vogel's keynote... Dude, I don't think it gets any better than this :) Thank you to the friendly and über-professional AWS team for setting this up ! Video and press interviews are also on the way. Stay tuned :)

Yann and Julien, it was great to meet you guys and remember our good old Pixmania days. I really love it when my former sysadmins show up to say hi, it means I wasn't such an horrific boss after all :D

Keep rocking, all of you. This is the first of many many great Aldebaran events to come !

Mar 19, 2014

I'm baaack... and I'm hiring!

Ah, it looks like I've left Criteo. Had a lot of fun there, but hey, there's always something more exciting at some point, right? Speaking of which, I've recently joined Aldebaran Robotics as Chief Technology Officer, Software. I'm still trying to figure it out, but my mom is very proud :D

Unfortunately, I can't tell you much about what I do. Sorry.

However, I CAN tell you that I'm looking for a lot of engineers to help us build the best robots in the world.

Can you do at least one of these?

  •  Hardcore embedded C++, API/SDK development, dynamic typing, serialization, multi-threading, co-routines, etc. 
  •  Black magic multi-platform kernel development, BSP, drivers, wifi, USB, hardware security, etc.
  • Jaw-dropping apps, Python, C++, Qt, 3D animation, data visualization, etc. 
  • Ninja release management, continuous integration, Jenkins, Git, Gerrit, build farms, cross-compilation, scripting, über optimization and investigation skills, etc. 
  • Whatever-it-takes webops, front office & back office development, AWS, Cassandra, Redis, etc.  

And there's a lot more. Browse our website, you'll get the idea :)

Get in touch at INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATES ONLY: subcontracting companies, agencies and the likes WILL be flamed.

Act now. We can offer jobs like you've never seen: change your life, change the world (yeah, really).