May 11, 2007

Java Persistence API: Best Practices and Tips

Session ID: TS-4902
Session Title: Java Persistence API: Best Practices and Tips
Session Abstract: It has been almost a year since the release of the Java Persistence API specification, and many enterprise developers have started using this technology in their Java EE and Java SE applications. As a consequence, the recurring questions JPA developers have been posing need to be addressed. This session goes through some of the best practices for designing efficient JPA applications and presents techniques for achieving functionality in JPA-based applications that is currently lacking in the core API.
The session covers the following topics:
• Basics of high-performance JPA entities
- Flush mode
- Locking strategy
- Caching
• Whether to use a container-managed or application-managed entity manager in web tier applications
• Generated primary keys--are they as simple as they sound?
• Scenarios regarding detach and merge
• Bulk updates and deletes--things to remember
• Impact of data model on entity performance
• Tips for mapping objects to related data
• Mapping overrides using XML
• Transactions and entities
- Transaction isolation levels
• Using stored procedures with JPA
Track: Java EE
Duration: 60
Speaker(s): Rima Patel Sriganesh, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Marina Vatkina, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Mitesh Meswani, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Opinion: exactly what the title says! A good collection of tips and best practices for JPA. Not much else to say, expect that when it comes to persistence, things are not as easy as they seem :-) Some of the pitfalls presented here are quite tricky, so beware... Hopefully, some of them can be eliminated by JPA 2.0!

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