May 11, 2007

Building Composite Services Applications

Session ID: BOF-8238
Session Title: Building Composite Services Applications
Session Abstract: This BOF session deals with the creation of business solutions from service components by use of the Service Component Architecture as the executable composition model. It covers the SCA assembly specification and the techniques it makes available to enable developers to wire individual components and services together into a coherent and workable whole. The presentation examines an example composite application written in SCA, Java technology, and PHP, with an exploration of the options available to deal with some common composition problems. Developers can quiz people who have been working on the specifications and gain insight into the overall design and the usage of a technology increasingly forming part of services runtimes.
Track: Services and Integration
Duration: 50
Speaker(s): Mike Edwards, IBM; Jim Marino, BEA Systems, Inc.

Opinion: follow-up on TS-8194. This session focused on demos of SCA implementations, like Apache Tuscany (support for Java and C++) and Fabric3 (support for Java only at this point). As I've said before, this looks really really good, but all these projects are still in a very early stage which I don't think makes them strong candidates for industrial-strength software. Still, this could become a very serious option in next 6-9 months and I encourage everyone to try it out.

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