May 8, 2007

JEE & SOA session part 2

Well, the afternoon was slightly disappointing, although we did enjoy the speaker : Joe Boulenoar is quite a showman, as his explanation on "database guys vs. business logic guys" will attest.

However, a lot of technical content was too shallow, or even outdated. Too much time was spent discussing enterprise patterns which have been around "forever", without any real relevance to JEE 1.5 or SOA architectures. And it's like Spring never existed (granted, it's not a Sun product, but still). Good refresher, but not much more.

Anyway, at the end of the session, Ron Pinkerton gave a good, funny presentation on Sun JCAPS (Java Composite Application Platform Suite), an set of tools designed to develop, deploy, manage and monitor an SOA (Graphical drag and drop process design, BPEL engine, etc). Quite interesting, but this should have really been longer in order to address real-life issues. No one will believe that SOA can be easy as this :-)

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