May 12, 2007

OpenLaszlo: From RIA to Ajax and Mobile

Session ID: TS-6725
Session Title: OpenLaszlo: From RIA to Ajax and Mobile
Session Abstract: OpenLaszlo is an open-source Java platform for creating zero-install web applications with the user interface capabilities of desktop applications.
OpenLaszlo programs are written in an XML markup language, combined with JavaScript technology. The platform supports multiple deployment environments and compiles the same source code into Flash; DHTML; and Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME). Developers are able to apply the same knowledge to leverage the benefits of each individual runtime environment.
This session introduces OpenLaszlo’s LZX language and its component model. Starting from a simple example that uses the basic interface components, the presentation deploys to different targets. It demonstrates important aspects of the platform, such as animation, layout, data binding, canvas drawing, and declarative UI, through small, targeted code samples. And it finishes off with tips and caveats on the supported runtime environments and illustrates some good OpenLaszlo development practices.
Attendees should have experience with dynamic web application development and have a basic knowledge of Java and JavaScript technologies.
Track: The Next Generation Web
Duration: 60
Speaker(s): Geert Bevin, Uwyn

Opinion: ah, Rich Internet Applications. Probably the most fashionable subject this year, so I had to attend at least one presentation about it :-) To be honest, UI is not my thing so it's hard for me to get excited about OpenLaszlo. It looks quite easy to build good-looking stuff with it, though. If you just want to quickly see what's it capable of, go and try Laszlo in 10 minutes.

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