Dec 1, 2016

Amazon Polly: "Hello World"... literally!

Today, AWS announced a new text-to-speech service, called Polly.

Well... I had to try it :D

Here's a *very* basic example in Python. There is much more to Polly, but this should get you started. You can list all available voices with 'aws polly describe-voices'.

And yes, I'm sure there are more clever ways to play sound files in Python, but they're beyond my weak skills, so there ;)

Very fun service. I see a lot of chatty build servers on the horizon, yelling in German at careless developers. Oh yes, pure bliss :D

Till next time, keep rockin'.


  1. Nice one ! You can use pyglet (and install needed AVbin), so mp3 can be played, whatever is the platform:

    import pyglet
    sound ='/tmp/sound.mp3', streaming=False)