May 11, 2007

Taking Java Technology to New Frontiers: Enterprise Batch Processing with Spring Batch

Session ID: TS-76950
Session Title: Taking Java Technology to New Frontiers: Enterprise Batch Processing with Spring Batch
Session Abstract: Many applications in the enterprise domain require bulk processing to perform business operations in mission-critical environments. These business operations include automated, complex processing of large volumes of information that is most efficiently processed without user interaction. These operations typically include time-based events such as month-end notices or correspondence; periodic application of complex business rules processed repetitively across very large data sets such as insurance benefit determination or rate adjustments; or the integration of information received from internal and external systems that typically requires formatting, validating, and processing in a transactional manner into the system of record. Spring Batch is the only comprehensive lightweight batch framework designed to enable batch development for enterprise systems of varying complexity. Simple as well as complex, high-volume batch jobs can leverage this framework in a highly scalable manner.
The Spring Framework is the most popular application programming framework for Java technology and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) development, with widespread usage across many industries. Spring is an open-source product published under the Apache Software License. It enables Plain Old Java Object (POJO)-based development while making it easy for developers to access advanced enterprise services.
This session focuses on how to use, configure, and extend the batch framework by utilizing familiar Spring patterns such as dependency injection and inversion of control. It covers general batch concepts such as logging/tracing, transaction management, statistics, restart, skip, resource management, and job partitioning to demonstrate the capabilities of Spring Batch. It discusses optimization techniques enabling the batch framework to run extremely high-volume batch jobs, including execution within a Java EE container. And it also addresses the misconception that the Java platform is not appropriate for developing high-volume batch applications.
The session is intended for architects, developers, and performance testers of batch applications who are interested in understanding how the Spring Batch framework enables batch application developers to focus on the business aspects of batch jobs in a highly scalable enterprise environment.
Track: Open Source
Duration: 60
Speaker(s): Rod Johnson, Interface21; Wayne Lund, Accenture; Scott Wintermute, Accenture

Opinion: very interesting presentation on Spring Batch, a batch processing framework co-developed by Spring and an Accenture team ;-) No code has yet been released, but the concepts look really interesting and should allow developers to really focus on the business processing and not on the "plumbing" aspects (pun not intended). If batch processing is part of your application, I suggest you give it a try... when it comes out!

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