May 7, 2007

Back in Frisco again

There's nothing like the San Francisco breeze on you face after flying for 12 hours in an economy coffin, with an Old FAT b#tch sitting in front of you.

Anyway, I've cleared immigration and customs without a hitch (it's always easier in SF) and I'm now sitting in a Taxi taking me to my hotel downtown. The driver is a Brazilian lady, who insists on giving me the tourist presentation of SF (where I've been 5 or 6 times already). By the time we get to the hotel, I'm not quite sure what she means by "here's my number, let me know if you need A-NY-TH-ING, I know all the good places, etc". OK, sure, no problem... let me out !!! ;-)

Nice bedroom ! WiFi works, so let's catch up with Madame la Belle France. 53 / 47 : not a surprise. However, I can't believe some idiots are rioting. If they didn't get the message at 20:00, I'm sure they will in the next few weeks.

Anyway, let's try to get in touch with my partner in crime, the one and only Mariachitect. Phone call, e-mail : nada. He's probably out there shopping, drinking or worse. No problem, we'll hook up eventually.

Time for me to sleep a little bit...

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