Sep 13, 2008

LinkedIn Q&A : Pricing and provider of Video Streaming?

If you're looking for "raw" delivery to end-users on an international scale, then content delivery networks are probably your best choice : the big names are Akamai, Limelight, CDNetworks, Level3, ... I work for none of them, BTW.

If you're looking for additional services beyond storage and delivery, you could also look at content delivery platforms / content management systems. These typically work in ASP / SaaS mode.

Or you could build it internally, but it does get scary real quick :)

Storage & bandwidth requirements will vary a lot, depending on factors such as:
- number of assets in your catalog (obviously)
- number of video formats (mp4, wma, etc) and their parameters (resolution, audio & video bitrate)
- traffic profile : simultaneous number of connections, geographical coverage (peak hours are not the same everywhere !), etc.
- business requirements : SLA, disaster recovery, etc.

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