Sep 15, 2008

New DRM attempt from the movie industry

Can this save the movie industry? I seriously doubt it.

This kind of DRM utopia could have been envisioned 15 years ago (buy once, play anywhere, etc). But now? Come on, the industry couldn't even agree on BluRay vs. HD-DVD : how could they hope to standardize something as technically and politically complex as a DRM system?

Device manufacturers will drag their feet... because they don't have to follow: P2P, sideloading, etc helps them sell, thank you very much.

And whatever this system will be, it will be hacked in a matter of weeks.

Let me ask you a question: would you pirate water or electricity? No. Why? Because it's easier and safer to use the system provided by the utility company. And because whatever price they charge is acceptable to you (even if you don't really track it on a daily basis). Plus, you don't have to worry if water will fit in this brand of cup or if electricity will power this brand of coffee machine. It just works.

I believe that all digital content should follow this path.

Just my two cents, of course.

PS: Spore is another recent example that DRM (Sony's SecuROM in this case) is strongly rejected by consumers and doesn't protect anything.

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