Sep 26, 2008

European Parliament Votes Against P2P "Three Strikes" Law

According to Digital Media Wire, the European Parliament approved on September 24 the following amendment to the so-called Telecom Package :

"no restriction may be imposed on the rights and freedoms of end-users, notably in accordance with
Article 11 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union on freedom of expression and
information, without a prior ruling by
the judicial authorities, except where dictated by force
majeure or
by the requirements of preserving network integrity and security, and subject to national
provisions of criminal law imposed for reasons of
public policy, public security or public morality."
Which, AFAIU, means that your ISP is not allowed - and cannot be forced - to revoke your Internet access without a court order. God knows the EU has voted stupid stuff over the years, but not this time. Well done.

Could the French government please take note?

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