Sep 13, 2008

New Metallica album available in Guitar Hero 3

Powered up my PS3 this morning, headed for the Playstation online store and yup, there it was: the new Metallica album available for download as a GH3 add-on.

Not sure I'm ready to pay 17,99€ for this, but anyway that's very innovative marketing from Metallica - extending what Nine Inch Nails did a few months ago.
  • Pre-sale of CD/digital bundles in different editions (regular, deluxe, collector)
  • Simultaneous release of CD, digital and game versions,
  • Multiple GH3 versions of the same track to let gamers play all solos,
  • And let's not forget, which has been providing for a while EVERY live show in soundboard quality and lossless format, as well as free downloads of selected archive shows.

Certainly a sign of things to come and, if needed, yet another proof that digital distribution is creating a lot of new opportunities for bands AND fans. I would love to get sales figures for the different distribution channels...

And yes, the album ROCKS. Enough to make me forgive the last twelve years of absolute non-sense? Hmmm, maybe :)

"The day that never comes"

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