Mar 2, 2009

Mobile web traffic increases, iPhone dominates

Says Mediametrie, a leading audience measurement company in France (translated from a french report):
  • From January 2008 to January 2009, the number of web hits coming from mobile phones have been multiplied by 4.
  • However, mobile hits still only account for 0.45% of total hits.
  • The iPod Touch and the iPhone account for 68% of this year-to-year growth, and for 55% of all mobile hits.
So, although it's growing very fast, mobile surfing is still really marginal. Anyone who's actually tried it can understand why :) The iPhone is a game-changer, as it can (at last) deliver a pleasant user experience to web addicts... but not everyone owns an iPhone.

Where is the competition? Pretty much nowhere, according the February stats published by Net Applications: the iPhone rakes in 66.6% market share (the devil's work, for sure), with Java, Windows Symbian far behind (all under 10%). Interestingly, Android phones are already showing up at 6%, so maybe they'll bring up the fight to Apple in the next months...

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