Mar 6, 2009

Brick-and-mortar music retailers are dying. Fast.

Tower Records, HMV, several Virgin Megastores in the US... and now the Bastille store of leading French retailer FNAC. This music-only store must have been hit even harder, I guess.

I have to admit I buy most of my CDs and DVDs online. Why? Much wider selection (especially given my unconventional music tastes), better prices, 24/7 shopping, etc.

Both Virgin and FNAC have online music stores in France ( &, which I must say I'm not a fan of - mostly because their catalog doesn't do justice to my favorites genres and artists. Not to mention Microsoft's WMA format (yuck) and the lingering stench of DRM (barf!). In this respect, the digital service offered by Amazon UK is much more exciting.

Virgin and FNAC would be well inspired to watch and learn, before launch a similar service (do it, do it).

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