Feb 5, 2009

Update on lastfmlib and mediatomb

In a previous post, I showed you how to install lastfmlib on mediatomb. This C++ library introduces Last.fm scrobbling for audio files streamed to your favorite UPnP device.

It all worked fine with the PS3, but only for file formats supported natively (MP3, etc), i.e. not for transcoded files (like FLAC).

I discussed this with Dirk, the author of lastfmlib. I'm happy to report that he sent me a patch yesterday, which I've successfully tested on the latest mediatomb release. The installation procedure described in the original article is unchanged.

Now you can fully enjoy your FLAC / OGG library :)


  1. Okay, couldn't find any contact information (okay, it's friday, didn't have the energy to look) so I'll post it as a comment.

    How 'bout an Internet Radio HowTo for mediatomb/PS3?

  2. Hey Magnus,

    I haven't tried it yet, but I'll take a look :)