Feb 25, 2009

Hard times for the music industry

The Pirate Bay trial ? They're gonna walk.

The new U2 album leaked by the record company? It will happen again and again.

Eminem's publishing company sueing the label for alleged unpaid digital royalties? That's just the beginning.

Not the greatest of time to be a music industry exec, I guess. Some words of confort, then. I did buy 3 CDs yesterday (indie labels only, I'm afraid): great bands, limited editions releases, fantastic packaging, bonus DVDs, etc.

If you give fans value for money, they'll buy.

If you consider them as cash cows or if you call them thiefs, they won't.

Get it?

1 comment:

  1. I can't say better!

    I indeed bought 2 CDs in the US 2 days ago (indie shop too, of course). They need some help to fight against the crisis :)