Feb 24, 2009

"Graduated response": here comes filtering!

According to Internet rights watchdog La Quadrature du Net:

"The French minister of Culture in charge of the law setting up "graduated response" against filesharers ("HADOPI" or "Olivennes Law", or "Création et Internet") announced that public wifi hotspots will have to be filtered to allow only access to a "white list" of authorised sites"

This measure is part of an official report (in french only) revealed by PCInpact.

Says la Quadrature du Net: "This is the paroxysm of the absurd logic of this law, dangerous and doomed to fail. This is a perfect example of how a repressive and ignorant legislation can lead to terrible regression for the growth and innovation of our digital societies. French Internet is entering its dark age".

I cannot agree more. This is yet another excuse to restrict individual rights. Before you know it, filtering will be applied to all Internet access. And then... what ?

Get informed!

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