Jan 12, 2009

Press release: Digiplug selects Telecity Group for its digital asset management platform

Paris, January 12th 2008: Digiplug, a provider of IT solutions and services dedicated to the production and distribution of multimedia content, has chosen to host its IT infrastructure in TelecityGroup’s two data centres in Paris.

Through its digital asset management and supply chain solutions Digiplug manages and supplies content distribution networks for the largest music labels in 50 countries and over 200 delivery platforms. In addition, Digiplug provides dedicated solutions for retail sites, content downloading or distribution for telecom operators, device manufacturers and resellers, enabling them to distribute audio or video content to consumers effectively. While meeting strict security criteria Digiplug ensures its customers have service continuity for their global content distribution chains and also provides them with strong SLA guarantees.

Faced with rapidly growing customer requirements, Digiplug needed to expand its online storage and distribution infrastructure and turned to TelecityGroup for support.

"In TelecityGroup we have found a reliable partner who has the capacity to cater for the very strong growth in our IT infrastructure requirements while at the same time meeting our exacting needs for redundancy, high availability, physical security and service quality in the data centre,” says M. Simon, Technical Director at Digiplug. “We chose TelecityGroup for its fast response times, their professional approach and its very high levels of logical security and redundancy,” continues M. Simon. “TelecityGroup provides Digiplug with a highly reliable hosting solution.”

To meet Digiplug's increasing needs in terms of security and continuity – including the increasing load prompted by the processing of products intended for online use - TelecityGroup developed a robust, multi-operator IP network to guarantee resilient Internet connectivity and significant bandwidth utilisation. Due to the extensive networks available on the same site, TelecityGroup has installed flexible and scaleable connectivity designed to suit all companies for whom IP services are critical.

"With its European infrastructure and global connectivity hubs, TelecityGroup is a true partner who can meet all our hosting needs. TelecityGroup also has a remarkable pedigree in customer satisfaction; its staff are attentive, highly responsive, flexible and very professional, which is a real bonus in our market environment", continues M. Simon.

About Digiplug:

Digiplug provides SaaS solutions for the production, management and distribution of multimedia (audio, video) content. Today, Digiplug is a top partner for music labels. It uses the solutions it develops to manage the production and global distribution of digital content for 3 of the 4 music majors: Universal Music since 2001, Warner Music and Sony Music Entertainment since 2003. Every day, Digiplug distributes thousands of products on behalf of music major in more than 50 countries and to some 200 platforms (content supplies, transcoding services, etc.). Digiplug also has a large portfolio of solutions for digital content distributors: content aggregation, download platforms, storefront animation (web, wap) coupled with performance statistics.

For more information, visit: http://www.digiplug.com/

About TelecityGroup:

TelecityGroup is the leading premium operator of network independent data centres in Europe offering a range of flexible, scalable data centre and value added services. TelecityGroup specialises in the design, build, and management of highly connected and secure environments in which customers can house their technical, web and internet infrastructure. Each of its data centres acts a connectivity and content hub facilitating the storage, sharing and distribution of data, content and media. TelecityGroup shows its ongoing leadership in exploring and adopting technologies which help minimise the impact of its operations on the environment. Its data centres in France have been the first in the industry to subscribe to the EDF’s “Equilibre+” offer certifying that the equivalent of 21% of the electricity consumed by TelecityGroup France has been generated from renewable sources of energy.

Headquartered in London, TelecityGroup operates 20 network independent data centres across seven European countries. The data centres are located in prime positions for commerce and connectivity, including Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Milan, Paris and Stockholm. TelecityGroup is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: TCY)

For more information, visit: http://www.telecitygroup.com/

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