Dec 10, 2008

New OpenSolaris release

Sun Microsystems have released OpenSolaris 2008.11, the first release since the now old 2008.05.

The new release notably includes:
  • Updates/additions of major user applications : Gnome 2.24, Firefox 3, OpenOffice 3 (missing from Ubuntu 8.10, grrr), Transmission, Songbird,
  • Improved package management & additional software repositories,
  • Easier configuration for printers & networking,
  • Expanded support of graphical chipsets (including ATI & nVidia),
  • Time Slider, a user-friendly tool to manage ZFS snapshots
Why not download the ISO image and give it a spin on top of VirtualBox?

Talking about ZFS, here's a funny video where a Sun Engineer literally smashes hard drives to demonstrate the resilience of ZFS. Definitely worth a look :)

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