Nov 24, 2008

EU Culture Ministers on legal offers, DRM and privacy

The Council of EU Culture Ministers met on November 20 to discuss the "development of legal offers of online cultural and creative content and the prevention and combating of piracy in the digital environment"

Here are some interesting excepts from their conclusions :

"Although the use of technical systems for protection (Technical Protection Measures (TPM)) or rights-management information (Digital Rights Management (DRM)) may in some cases, while taking due account of the principle of personal-data protection, contribute to protecting and managing rights in the digital world, the lack of interoperability or transparency of these systems creates insecurity for consumers and limits their use of the content offered by the various platforms".

"[Should be taken into account] the need to ensure a fair balance between the various fundamental rights, particularly the right to personal data protection, freedom of expression and information and the protection of intellectual property, and to seek, when implementing Community law, solutions in compliance with the general principles of Community law, in particular the principle of proportionality"

Does this mean that Amendment 138 will not be attacked by the Council of EU Telecom Ministers on November 27? Who knows...

Stay tuned.

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