Nov 10, 2008

EMC: Maui becomes Atmos

After months of delay and speculation, details finally emerge on EMC's cloud storage technology.

Initially code-named "Maui", the software part of the product is now called "Atmos". Some sort of oh-so-clever pun on clouds, I suppose. Says EMC: "Atmos is a multi-petabyte platform for information storage and distribution". Hmm, ok. This does look like Berkeley's Oceanstore... maybe because M. Eaton, one of Atmos' architects, was also a key contributor to Oceanstore :)

Atmos can either run on EMC hardware (which looks like x86 servers and SATA disks), or on your own hardware, i.e. x86 servers and SATA disks... but probably quite less expensive :))

OK, that's it, then: managing petabytes of data spread over distributed islands of commodity storage. No pricing information for the moment. Wait and see...

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