Nov 20, 2016

The Lost Tales of Platform Design

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own (what did you expect?).

This is a presentation I've meant to build for a while. I guess I was just waiting for an excuse to spend enough time to do so. My talk at The Family's Lion program ( gave me this excuse and I want to thank them for the opportunity.

In a nutshell, I'm sick and tired of the current state of Software Engineering. On second thought, it's probably a key reason why I decided to step away from CTO roles and try something different. No more babysitting "engineers" who think they know it all and have no interest or respect for the vast body of knowledge that has been built over the last 60 years.

Fuck trends, hipsters and "rockstars". We need professionals. Software Engineering is Engineering. Computer Science is Science. There are Proven-Ways-To-Do-Things-Right.

Some would say that this is precisely what management is about. Teaching, training, coaxing, blah blah blah. Maybe, maybe not. What I know is that my time is my most precious asset. I will never waste it again on developers who are not willing to listen and learn from people who have been there before. Especially when top management doesn't have the guts to hire, fire or reward accordingly (and of course they'll say otherwise).

This presentation sums up some of my core technical beliefs. Feel free to read, learn, and ask questions: I'll be delighted to help. Or keep drowning in your shit trendy code, you deserve it.

Maybe one day I'll find a team of like-minded code warriors, or maybe I'll feel like building one again. I'm not holding by breath. AWS is home :)

Keep rockin', my brothers. You know who you are.

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