Apr 20, 2009

Some you win, some you lose

The Pirate Bay verdict is a wake-up call in case you needed one. Governments & industry lobbies want to gain control on the Internet, just like they have on traditional media. As the Swedish Pirate Party puts it: “Politicians have declared war on our entire generation (...) Our politicians are digital illiterates. We need politicians who can’t be hen-pecked by a foreign power”.

On the same topic, in an unbelievable display of contempt for democracy and individual rights, the French government will shove the three-strikes policy down the throat of the Parliament on April 29. Demonstrations will take place on the 25th, but no one can expect the law to be rejected this time.

Does all this change anything? Of course not!

European elections are coming up on June 7, a perfect occasion to let your voice be heard and maybe to start cleaning the house.

The legal battle is also far from over, in Sweden, France, Europe and elsewhere.

And on the technical front? Utter doom, as LOIC and similar mighty DDoS weapons are (allegedly) being discharged at the evil empire.

Ah, enough negativity. Some light reading, maybe? Here: www.spotifyripping.com. Streaming IS the future, kids ;)

And if that's not enough, here's a little something that'll cheer you up:

"Some You Win, Some You Lose" by Orange Goblin. Great band, signed on a great indie label, Rise Above. Rock on!

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